Friday, November 15, 2013

Restarting Application Servers With Nodeagent – WebSphere Application Server V7,V8

In WebSphere 7 or 8, by default, the Nodeagent will take no action if an application server fails.  To have the Nodeagent intervene and automatically restart a failed application server instance, the ‘monitoring policy’ must be set for that application server.  In the admin console, perform the following:

1 . –> Java and Process Management –> Monitoring Policy
2.  Check the box next to “Automatic Restart”
3.  In the “Node Restart State“, set the state to “STOPPED

The actions above will allow the nodeagent to auto-restart a failed or killed application server.  It is important that the ‘Node Restart State” be set to ‘STOPPED“.  If set to “RUNNING“, not only will the nodeagent restart a failed or killed application server, but it will autostart the application server upon a nodeagent restart.  This may be unwanted in certain environments where application servers are only supposed to run at certain times or if there is a specific application start order.
If you wish to have the nodeagent automatically start application servers when it comes online, set the state to “RUNNING“.