Tuesday, April 2, 2013

WPS : Unable to Install appllication on server "Application is already Exist on Server". Module status is unknown in SCA module section.

Issue: I am trying to install one application on server. It's unable to install giving exception as " already exist on server".
In admin console go to --> SCAModules : there i am finding my module over there but the state of the module is unknown. i tryed to un-deploy from there. it's not able to un-deploy. Even i am unable to remove that application from server from admin consol too..

Solution :
1. first we have to stop the server.
2. we have to remove particular application from all the folder in server profile.
3.One more main thing is go to installation folder-->  \profiles\qbpmaps\config\cells\qcell go to this path and open "cell-core.xml" file and remove SCAModules entry of that particular application from this file.
4. Start the server
now we can able to deploy that same application successfully.


You can also force the uninstall with the following command:

<>\bin\wsadmin.bat -user <> -password <> -lang jacl -f <>\ProcessChoreographer\admin\bpcTemplates.jacl -uninstall <> -force